Hello I’m a “DeanCas” shipper who doesn’t hate Jensen for banning Destiel questions because they make him uncomfortable. Nice to meet you! 

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But you guys. Dean blamed Cas for leaving the bunker. He couldn’t think of any possible reason he’d ever ask Cas to leave, so he blamed it on Cas. And what’s worse is, I’m sure to Sammy it makes sense, since normally that’s what Cas does - he leaves. 


all aboard the nope train next stop FUCKTHATville


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Then, well, fuck.

It’s something I do worry about. I mean I’ve come to accept queer bating like I’ve come to accept that I’ll never seen accurate epilepsy representation or someone who isn’t looking down in disdain on my ancestors from the hills or acting like that part of my family is some kind of joke. But, like, I just worry that if CW won’t let SPN seal the deal with Destiel, then they open the door for other shows on other networks to integrate romantic tropes into their “bromances,” which will then further gray the area between bromance and romance. I don’t like being led by the nose like this. If it’s just queer baiting, then don’t give me romantic tropes. I mean pairings like Danny/Steve on Hawaii Five-0 is a good example of how to keep the line clear. We all know they are never ever going to get together canonically but the show will still hint at things and acknowledge it’s a pairing a lot of fans ship,b ut they never give us the false sense that Steve/Danny will ever, ever happen.

I mean that whole WB executive’s comments just made everything abundantly clear. The show is trying to force the issue possibly yeah. It might be trying to make its case so maybe WB will let them do it, but at the end of the day, they’re giving us things that would make any het couple canon while never allowing the pairing to be canon and I think that’s a whole level of deception beyond standard queer baiting.

So, I was reflecting over the events this week on Supernatural and why they really bothered me. Normally this type of shipping nonsense doesn’t bother me, though it can get annoying when I feel toyed with by writers. This wasn’t annoyance, however, at Dean and Castiel, it was actual upset. Why? Well, just now over lunch I figured it out. Dean and Castiel are in an abusive relationship.

Now, I admit it’s not a Lifetime movie kind of abusive relationship, but it’s emotionally (and perhaps psychologically) abusive.

It stems from the writers trying to put off the same thing they’re trying to build up. Whenever Dean and Castiel get too close, Dean rejects Castiel. We’ve seen Dean do this before. Now, you could claim it’s a defect because Dean’s never seen a proper functioning relationship in his life. You could claim that Dean is scared of the feelings he feels for Castiel, so he has to shove Castiel away, which is a pattern of behavior seen IRL in some people. That doesn’t negate, however, that it’s an abusive form of behavior.

Castiel also engages in it, don’t get me wrong. We’ve seen a lot of build up only for Castiel to reject Dean and disappear. However, when Castiel does it, the writers make sure to have Dean push Castiel to his limits. When they have Dean reject Castiel, it’s abrupt.

I think that it took me so long to realize the abusive aspect of this dynamic because we’ve never had quite the build up-pay off differential before. They kept having Dean say “I need you,” “We need you,” and placing Castiel in his group of chosen family. Lots of build up, super build up, and then Dean kicks Castiel out for sleeping with another person.

Now, I’m not saying Dean can’t be angry with Castiel. Nor am I saying that Dean has to be okay with Castiel’s choices. One thing we have to remember is that in season four, Dean told Castiel that Castiel should lose his virginity to a woman he barely had any kind of personal connection to. Dean encouraged this kind of behavior and condoned it. Then by showing Castiel porn, it reinforces this type of behavior as being condoned by Dean. Dean also approves of this behavior in Sam, Bobby, and anyone else they really come across. Dean has never once said to Castiel anything that would indicate that Dean would not be okay with Castiel sleeping with anyone else.

What the writers have created in their not quite there but trying to be there but oh can’t actualy be there relationship to end all almost homosexual but not quite relationships is a one-sided never-spoken thing that wasn’t spoken so not all parties understood what exactly was happening between them. This of course, opened the door for Dean to reject Castiel, when really if the writers were that desperate to keep Castiel and Ezekiel from being in the same place at the same time, there were better ways.

Another part of this problem that has led us to a relationship I’m not sure I want to happen anymore, is that the writers are completely married to 2014. They are so married to 2014 that they have erased Dean’s year with Lisa and Dean and Castiel’s year in Purgatory so that we’re still in 2013 in the timeline even though we should technically be in 2015. I mean I know that Eric Kripke is all about the mirror imagery so Carver is trying to be true to that, but you can still have Endverse in 2016. I mean we already know the prophet hanging around is Kevin not Chuck. We also know that Dean is probably going to hold his own in the bunker and not in a commune. Do we need Castiel with a pill addiction? Is there another way to tweak it? Then again, tweaking that part of the equation could make it far worse. It might also make Dean more complacent if it’s not 2014. Then again, the writers prove time and time again that they are willing to erase character development to suit their plot needs. They are also willing to forget significant events (like say Castiel being human in season five) to suit their plot needs as well.

It’s just a big fat mess. I mean I want Destiel to happen because Dean is a character who struggles with legitimate relationship feelings like I do. It’s nice to have a character who can’t say “I love you” to people like I can’t. That said, this isn’t really how I want it to go down. I don’t like that the writers have to resort to emotional abuse to suit their agenda. I don’t want Supernatural to condone emotionally abusive relationships like they condone codependent relationships.



What if in season 9

Cas changed vessel and went into a female vessel

And Dean and him get together

And the writers are all like “See ? Destiel became canon”

with a big sadistic smile on their face



Well, Claire Novak is over eighteen in canon now, presuming angels can’t inhabit vessels under the age of thirteen.

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Sam makes a startling discovery.




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This is a message which must be spread. 

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  • Cas: Dean. Dean!
  • Dean: Cas, what's wrong?
  • Cas: There was a man in the supermarket who knows who I am. He knew I was an angel!
  • Dean: Shit, Cas. Are you okay? Are you hurt?
  • Cas: I'm fine, Dean.
  • Dean: What did he do to you?
  • Cas: He gave me his phone number.
  • Dean: He... He gave you his phone number?
  • Cas: Yes.
  • Dean: Cas, what happened exactly?
  • Cas: I was paying for the groceries when the man behind me asked if it hurt when I fell from Heaven.
  • Cas: Why are you laughing, Dean?
  • Cas: Dean!

I try not to think about how annoying the notes numbers are going to be for that one Destiel post that spams my notification area every so often if Destiel actually happens.




Shout out to Supernatural for making a couple canon without kissyface.


extra points for not even using the word ‘love’ and still making it the most obvious thing in the history of history

its so perfect though cause they dont even need to

It’s so nice because it makes it one of the more realistic confessions out there. So relatable too.





Angels don’t see real faces, right? They see souls - how broken and yet beautiful they are. So I suppose that when Cas and Dean reunite in season 9, Castiel will see Dean’s //real face// for the first time.

holy shit


if he wasn’t in love to begin with… he stands no chance 

Though, it should be noted that Castiel has seen Dean’s physical face before because Castiel was not an angel through the last bit of season five.

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Shout out to Supernatural for making a couple canon without kissyface.


extra points for not even using the word ‘love’ and still making it the most obvious thing in the history of history

wait we’re giving them points for queerbaiting

This is not queerbating.


Yes, Supernatural does engage in queerbating, but this instance is not queerbating. By demanding that a homosexual couple kiss to prove canon is just as detramental to queer representation as demanding homosexuality not exist. There are heterosexual canon couples who have achieved canon without kissing. There are heterosexual couples who have achieved canon with only a declaration of love. If we look at Dean’s characterization, he does not say “I love you,” that’s not Dean. He’s going to be demonstrative and he’s going to talk around “I love you” because guess what? He probably doesn’t say it to someone unless they say it to him first because I really, really doubt the boys grew up with John telling them he loves them.

So, let’s talk about some examples of what I’m talking about. The first slash example I can think of is Touya and Yukito from Cardcaptor Sakura. Touya sacrifices his powers so that Yue and thusly Yukito will continue to live. They become canon because Touya was demonstrative in his affection through something other than kissing. In the translations I’ve read, he doesn’t use the word “love,” but I cannot speak to what the original Japanese text might read.

If we want an example of queerbating, let’s talk about Franklin and Bash in which the boys do say “I love you” to each other but it’s explicit that Peter is straight and after this season we’re introduced to the concept that Jared is likely straight even though they’ve been kind of writing it one sided on Jared’s part in the seasons before this most recent one. We can also talk about Hawaii Five-0 (2010) where Steve and Danny jokingly banter about being “married,” but we know it’s not going to pan out. Franklin/Bash and Steve/Danny are similar slash pairings. They have potential but there’s no promise. They’re just fake smiles which you can do with what you will because you know how fake they are up front.

This scene between Dean and Castiel does not smack of that fakeness because we know Dean. Dean doesn’t throw terms like “need” around lightly. He doesn’t through around the word “care” easily either. Getting lumped into things Dean actually cares about is significant. Dean and Castiel show promise because it’s not a banter.

Also, on a personal level, I resent the concept that you have to say “I love you” or kiss someone to prove where your affections lie. I don’t say “I love you” easily unless I’m parrotting someone. To me, Dean like this, is very relatable. Maybe that’s my fault, but that’s why I thought in that moment Destiel became canon, because to me, to admit something like that makes them canon.

However, I know that for most fans this won’t be good enough. They demand homosexual pairings kiss and/or have sex to prove their legitimacy. So, I mean it comes down to if you consider something that would make a heterosexual couple canon canon enough for a homosexual couple or not.

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You might be wondering why, despite being a Destiel endgame shipper, I am not upset about Castiel and the lady he’s showing interesting in in the promotional photos for season nine.

One, Jimmy Novak (as far as we area aware) was attracted to women or at least enough to marry one and have a child with her. That means there’s something physiological in the chemistry of the vessel that precludes an attraction to women (now, we can’t say for sure how Jimmy felt about men because we were not really presented with a situation that would facilitate that kind of knowledge). He could be pan or bi or straight for all we know. All we really know is the vessel, the body, was wired in such a way to facilitate an attraction to women on some level.

Two, Dean himself took Castiel to a place to have sex with women in season four. Dean introduced the concept to Castiel by handing him a woman. It makes sense, since Castiel does trust Dean and Dean’s judgement when it comes to Earth things, that he would be inclined to follow this line of advice.

Three, having sex with a woman doesn’t mean Destiel will never ever happen. It means Castiel is going to try something, see if he likes it, and go from there. There’s debate over whether the orgy comment in “The End” was a joke or a real thing. We don’t really know, but it really honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Castiel experiences being human for a while before meeting back up with Dean. Also, as Emanuel, he was in a relationship with a woman and yet once Dean appeared and Castiel began to remember again, we got that trenchcoat scene and so forth.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that Destiel is already canon (Dean admitted his feelings in very Dean-like ways and Castiel has shown loyalty and preference to Dean that the angels keep telling us is abnormal for an angel) more than once. However, the writers (and the fans like me) know that a lot of fandom needs kissy face to prove canon with alternative sexualities. And I’m sure that time will come in due course. I mean if we think about it, Castiel hasn’t really been himself in two or three seasons and he and Dean need to work some things out before they get to that point, or we end up in a situation where they get together to early and it all goes to hell. Which I know sounds weird considering Castiel has been a character since season four, but the last two or three seasons especially Castiel was either possessed or checked out mentally, so I’m willing to wait just a little longer so the relationship can establish itself on a bit more stable footing than it’s had recently.

I agree with everything you said. I try to stay out of most of the fandom drama and just enjoy the show, but I have noticed that Destiel shippers keep proclaiming that Cas should be/is pan or bi, yet they scream and rage when he shows interest in a woman. And I’m just like


Yes. I honestly don’t understand people who complain about a lack of representation and then squwak about it when they get it. I mean the writers have even tweeted we are getting canon Destiel at some point this season (I don’t have the links on me atm) and it’s like you have to journey in these things.

I mean speaking as someone who didn’t realize they had an alternative sexuality until they were in their mid-twenties, I can assure people that there is a journey you go on to figure out what is going on with your hormones.

My issue with people complaining about it is that they want Cas to be pan or bi, yet not show interest in women. And I’m like “…okay guys, do you even understand what you’re saying?”

I guess they figure that Amelia and Daphne were enough? I think it’s not enough. He has to spend some time being Castiel now that he’s not possessed or insane He needs to find himself as a human.