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No, check that, I found the watch (bracelet?) it’s unimportant because the sleeve in the drawing would cover it anyway.

Jack’s new game is stick himself in corners and just kind of stare stare stare and also try to get through tight spaces. We had to put a board behind the trashcan so he wouldn’t go back behind it. He went around the hood of my brother’s car. He likes to stick his face between the vacuums and go “Hey dude, what’s up? Open the door.” but it’s not the door, it’s vacuums. He also likes to hang out under my legs when I have my feet on the ottoman.

But, you know, he’s going to be seventeen in June, so it’s like if this is what old dog Jack is going to be, I can work with this. I’m going to have to teach him the word “lost,” because he keeps getting lost.

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I miss telling myself stories before bed, giving fake interviews, etc…etc…etc…Everything I come up with my brain’s like “That’s never going to happen,” and it’s like of course it’s not going to happen for fuck’s sake, brain, where have you been my whole life? I dunno. I’ve not been able to effectively story build for months.

I just want to tell myself stupid impossible self insert stories and tell dumb I have a life of my own stories.

I don’t know why things haven’t really been gelling lately. Like I mean I can come up with the ideas but my brain just doesn’t want to cooperate. I tried telling myself stuff about my novel but then I realized that if I do that then I have to write it down and then that kind of isn’t the goal of what I’m supposed to be doing at that point.

Maybe it’s not what I need to fall asleep anymore. But I don’t know what I need.


this is so important

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mme-hardy replied to your post “Are they saying there’s more sugar in Dorne or a higher end lifestyle…”
huh? I have family with gout. It’s associated with heredity. Seafood, red meats, and alcohol can all aggravate gout — hence its stereotype as a rich man’s disease. Sugar? Not so much.

Where I live, it’s the opposite. I’ve never met someone who didn’t have it without it being a complication from their diabetes. It probably just depends on what toxin isn’t being flushed out of the body and thus builds up the uric acid in the joints. It’s also true that not just sugar but also starches can affect diabetes so if you consume alcohol, which has a lot of starch in it, you can aggravate both gout and diabetes at the same time.

I just want to be able to understand how Westeros functions on a societal and trade level. I want to have a sense of how far away the characters are from one another as well. I’ll probably have to start reading the books to do that, but I haven’t got the time.

I really liked Fargo (FX), though still on the fence about how closely it resembles the movie in places. I am totally going to come back next week yes.

Ah, and that’s why the police chief was a man.

Well, this is completely unexpected. Then again, it is kind of like an AU of the movie, so I supposed something like this had to happen.


I wonder if Hammond realises that they could basically make a whole series of ‘Science of Stupid’ just by using Top Gear clips.

Surprised Chilton doesn’t wear a watch.

If anyone ever sends me an invitation to any class reunion, I want to take this high school bully scene and superglue it to their faces.

“What happens if you have an accident at your job?”

“I work at a library.”

I have sliced my thumb open working at a library. Admittedly, not life insurance policy stuff, but you know. Probably could sprain my ankle too taking a half-full book cart up the ramps too. Again, not life-threatening, but it’s not you know, not accident-free either.



if captain jack meets twelve and jack is like “oh my god you’re frobisher” and twelve is like “lol no i’m not” and jack is like “well you look like him” and twelve is like “i’m not a penguin” and jack is like “what” and twelve is like “well i suppose everyone looks like frobisher potentially lol” and then 92.3% of fans are thoroughly confused

#sure as hell runs like a penguin#maybe he’s both frobishers