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I updated my blog layout, which means I now have a menu button at the top of my page. In the menu bar, you will find links to my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc….if you want to add me to any of these things. The links to my contact page #about_me, etc…are still in my blog description. I like the new layout. I like that the new skin comes with like and reblog buttons which will be more convenient for other bloggers.

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I need to get some tomatoes and limes sometime so we can have bean and corn salsa again. Or maybe get some aguacates and make guacamole.

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"I’ve seen quite a bit of him and he’s absolutely fantastic. Peter’s just got this amazing, fierce, funny, slightly alarming quality to him – he reminds me a lot of Alastair Sim, actually. You’re not quite sure where you stand with him; he’s very funny, but he’s got this glint in his eye and I think it’s a terrific run of episodes."
- Mark Gatiss on Peter as the Doctor (via kitt66)

(Source:, via zabbers)

this makes me more excited for series 8 mark gatiss peter capaldi doctor who quotes mark gatiss quotes doctor who spoilers


This is selenaguardi’s survey for her Master’s degree concerning the Steven Moffat drama and how Tumblr relates to it. I would have reblogged her rebloggable post but the gifs on it were somewhat flashy and I didn’t want to have that kind of warning on my main blog given how many epileptics follow me and also the fact I myself am epileptic so that would just be counter-productive for all.

What is the survey about? I’ll let her explain:

Hello fellow WHOVIANs and SHERLOCKIANs!

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I need 100+ participants for my online survey about fandoms or I will fail my master’s degree in media & communication!

—-> CLICK HERE TO START THE SURVEY So I really depend on you guys out there to take 15 minutes (tops! I promise!) of your time and fill out this little questionnaire. It doesn’t require any explicit knowledge, all gathered data will be saved anonymously and only analyzed for my master’s thesis.

What’s in it for you? Apart from helping out a fellow fan and saving my life you can win amazing prizes ranging from handprinted fandom shirts over any fanart you request to signed theatre programs. I will do the biggest give-away in the history of tumblr if I get to 100 filled out surveys! Just complete the questionnaire and leave your email or tumblr username at the end.


(Oh nearly forgot! The survey’s deadline is the 1st of September!)

selenaguardi survey third tag fourth tag fifth tag doctor who bbc sherlock steven moffat this was a really interesting survey i really liked the questions that were chosen and the approach to it could have done without the blue bars but that would require a perfect world and the world can never be perfect