As I’m making this pie, it occurs to me that despite randomly clicking on my random playlist on Spotify, I’ve run into nothing but classic hard rock and it’s like “It’s good to know Dean approves of the pie, but I have so many more genres on here yo.”

We’ve got lemons. I should make lemon custard pie with a spiced crust.

  • text post on this ungodly blue website: you ever wanna fuck the living shit out of somebody --
  • me: no

So, today’s #newtowho is about how you shared Doctor Who with someone else.

I’ve not really introduced anyone to the show beyond posting about it to a multi-fandom Tumblr. You would have thought that I’d have introduced it to my brother, but he found it on his own or someone introduced it to him.

What did happen is that my brother introduced me to New Who. When New Who began back in 2005, I was in my first year at Purdue University. I watched the first couple episodes of Nine’s run, but just got way too busy with upcoming finals that I dropped the ball completely.

Enter early 2011, I was very, very sick and off at my own apartment bored out of my mind because I really could not get off my bed I was so very ill. I wanted something to marathon but didn’t know what. So, my brother (via IM) was like “Watch ‘The Christmas Invasion.’” He thought it was an episode I’d really like. So, I did and then the next thing I knew, I was completely caught up with New Who and ready for the premiere of series six in April of that year. I also had the shocking discovery of after having Peter Davison as my Doctor since about 1988 or 1989, I suddenly also had Matt Smith as my Doctor as well, especially series five’s version of Eleven.

If I have kids, will I introduce them to Doctor Who? Yeah, probably when they’re ready for it of course. If they even want to watch it. We’ll see how that goes. Judging by my own family, it really could go either way.

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[Image - Jamie not looking especially happy at Malcolm]
(212): When I said I wanted you to make noise during sex, I didn’t mean mocking ones.


[Image - Jamie not looking especially happy at Malcolm]

(212): When I said I wanted you to make noise during sex, I didn’t mean mocking ones.

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It’s time for bed before I fill freddythefandomhorse’s inbox with Malcolm Tucker + Star Wars headcanons.


how do people not ship doctor/master i’m at a loss

it was my first doctor who ship ever and i just

you never forget your first ship, guys

can i just find all the shippers out there and become friends with all of you 

reblog this, like this, follow me, i’ll follow you — i just want to be friends with all of you and talk about this ship

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my school is ranked 70th out of 1000 on Center for World University’s top universities


here’s the link btw if you’re interested

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You can never get enough of Malcolm Tucker.

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What strikes me about Rambo’s final scene, where he talks about wanting love from the country he loves is how dead his eyes are. They’re so dead and his voice is so detached. It strikes me because Rocky is so vibrant and passionate. It strikes me because in the first Rambo film, he cried and became emotional by the end of it. It’s so heart breaking to see such a dead face, such a want for respect with such death. It’s a very good choice to end, and again, you get a sense of what the movie could have been had they the resources.

“Rambo, I don’t make the orders, I take them just like you.”

But it’s not just like Rambo. While Murdock does have a level of behavioral conditioning that we all do in a civilized society, Rambo has been taken beyond that. Like, they are both monsters of the same system, but it’s the difference between a vengeful ghost and something that will eat you whole.

evilleagueofkitties said: Steve/Tony (accidentally unfollowed while trying to ask this D=)

Tony doesn’t want me to detail their love life and Steve’s a very private person. They were totally in cahoots u.u. 


  • Who’s the messiest one:

Tony. He’s not had to deal with infestations of various critters. 

  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA:

It would depend on the location. They’re the kind of couple that one would feel uncomfortable where the other would feel comfortable about it. Except in a theater while watching a movie, I’m pretty sure that is a PDA fest because they can get away with sitting in the back of a weekday mid-afternoon matinee when no one will be paying any attention to them. 

  • Who’s the funniest drunk:

Tony is tragic and Steve can’t get drunk, so there is no funny drunks. Now, Tony several pixie stix later and on a silly subject like Smurf reproduction on the other hand….

  • Who texts the most:

Tony. Mostly because Steve’s beefy fingers make texting cumbersome. He’d rather just call people unless he can’t. Less errors. 

  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music:

Someone got Steve into thrash metal and really it wouldn’t be so embarrassing if Steve was actually 30 instead of 96, and will air drum if he’s the passenger and allowed to freely feel the music. I mean Steve’s got a lot of pent up rage, but he knows how to release it via adrenaline unlike Bruce who just let his get bottled up inside until he became a personification of his unacknowledged rage. He’s going to LOVE any kind of music about pent up rage as long as the lyrics fit him.  

  • Who reads the most:

It’s a tie between Steve still catching up on world history (because you know he’d read all of it from things like Kennedy to things like Rwandan genocide) and Tony who’s keeping up with everything tech and whatever other interests Tony might have, he’s a massive nerd who pretends to be anything but a massive nerd after all. 

  • Who’s better with kids:

Steve is good with kids because he’s used to kids. Tony’s just not used to them, but he has his moments in his own Tony way. Pretty sure they both attract a gaggle of children wherever they go because it’s like being a firefighter or police officer. 

  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house:

Various robots presumably, but if there’s not a robot for it, most likely Steve handles the mundane like plumbing adventures and Tony handles the electronics. 

  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby:

One of them builds robots to cope with PTSD and the other copes with PTSD through high risk stunts like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. I think it’s a tie. 

  • Who cooks and who cleans up:

Steve cooks and there’s probably a robot to clean up, and if there isn’t, Tony’s done something to his dish washer that makes cleaning dishes before sanitizing them irrelevant because the washer will clean them before it sanitizes them. 


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The lady helped Rambo get away from the Soviets and he thanked her for helping him, and really, how many action movies does the hero thank anyone?

This is what sets Rambo apart from other action heroes.